We hold the value of benchmarking very close to our heart. We believe that the children should be evaluated on their achievements relative to other schools in the region and even the country. We therefore expose the children to various state and national level academic and extracurricular competitions.

Science project day was arranged on 30th September and 1st October in 2016.
The Chief Guest for the project, Dr. Vidita Vaidya, Neuroscientist and Professor, TIFR, Mumbai described the project day:
“Complex scientific concepts were made accessible to young kids through the practice of experiments that I believe they will never forget. The fact that these experiments involved standard items that they would normally use only brings the ideas of science more into their Xday to day reality. This has the power to transform how they view daily processes of life and also empower them to seek an answer for phenomena they do not understand knowing that experimentation and theory go hand in hand to eventually solving the mechanisms of natural phenomena around us. What I absolutely loved was the sheer enthusiasm and joy the children had in sharing their experiments with me. This is a testament to the fact that they were an integral part of the experiment planning and execution. The quality and caliber of experiments and also the explanations I received from children were what I would expect in a state of the art science classroom. Keep up the good work you are seeing a generation of new scientists with what you do.”