Holistic Development
We engage with the parents in many ways such as home visits, monthly workshops with parents, SMC, Event Engagement, participation of parents in various school events like Women’s Day, Annual Day, Project Day, Parents Teacher Meetings and Open Forums.

At Educo Saibaba Path School, 800 plus students receive benefits from the computer laboratory set up under the generous funding of Nazara games. We also have hundred tablets provided to the students along with wifi and software such as Mguru, Starfall, Nalanda. There is a full time IT support staff who provides technical support to the teachers. The objective of the IT program is augment classroom learning. The school have two technology based project, one of them is Minimally Invasive Learning (MIL) project and the other one being MGuru. The computer lab was used extensively during this project. The minimally invasive project was to improve kindergarteners’ reading levels by using an online software called Starfall. mGuru– a mobile learning platform with content for English and Math. mGuru is on the tabs, which are rotated between all the students from class 1st to 5th (400 children).

Our computer skills program (CSP) came into action in 2008 for the vernacular secondary school in the same premises. Therefore, the computer skills program had not just been limited to Educo English medium students, but extended to Marathi and Hindi medium students at Saibaba Path School as well. This program was initiated to equip the vernacular secondary school children with computer skills. A few years back vernacular the secondary school SSC batch achieved one hundred per cent in the SSC Information Technology examination under our tutelage. Over the period of six years we have provided basic computer knowledge to over 2500 children of the secondary vernacular school.