We are a neighborhood school of hope & prosperity!!!
Saibabapath MPS is a proof-of-concept where educo undertakes direct delivery of Holistic Child Education through 3 focus areas, under each of which we run specific programs:

21 Century Learning

  1. Academics
  2. Sports
  3. Social & Emotional Learning
  4. Counselling & Remedial
  5. Arts & Extra Curriculars

Teacher Development

  1. Pedagogical Development
  2. Professional Development
  3. Content and Knowledge Development

Community Engagement

  1. School Management Committee
  2. Education & Awareness Programmes for Parents
  3. Parents Engagement in Celebrations and other Social Events

We are a school-of-choice (yearly waitlist of 100+ students) for underprivileged communities of Parel for whom even Affordable Private Schools are financially out of reach.

With focus on STEM education, we use technology to inform ways in which our students learn, teachers use resources for creating teaching-learning material. We engage our students with technology – tabs, computers, e-learning apps – since Pre-Primary to prevent them from slipping into the digital divide in this digital era.